Do you want to join our worldwide NEBBIA team and became our reseller? It's really simple!

  1. Sign up and fill in your company details
  2. Contact us at info@nebbia.sk with detailed information about your business so that we can review your request and activate your access to our B2B zone
  3. After activation you can purchase for wholesale prices at our web

Get in touch with us!

Wholesale EU and foreign countries:  tel.n.: +421918575022, email: marcela@nebbia.biz

Wholesale AT, DE,CH:                         tel.n.: +421918413195, email: alexandra@nebbia.biz

Wholesale USA:                                   tel.n.: +421905803471, email: emily@nebbia.biz

Wholesale SK, HU, AUS :                    tel.n.: +421918713947, email: kuco@nebbia.biz

Wholesale CZ:                                     tel.n.: +421918366896, email: michal@nebbia.biz

Business zone

In order to access business zone you have to be registered, signed in and your business manager has to activate your account.

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